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Your Success Begins with Us

Are You Ready to Start or Grow your New Business?

B The Entrepreneur would love to be your on-going business growth support system. Book your first appointment today and enjoy 20% off all One-on-One consultation sessions.

Our Services

Catalyst Session (30 Mins)

($25)   $20

Perfect for aspiring and new entrepreneurs who are looking to organize their business ideas and processes to grow their business to the profit making level.

Execution Session (45 mins)

($45)    $36

Perfect for entrepreneurs who need intense expertise on a certain issue within their start up business.

B The Entrepreneur

Institute of Entrepreneurship

(SPRING 2020)

 Our digital learning platform that provides an array of worksheets, templates, e-books, and master classes to help start and grow your start up.

What Our Clients Say

Calandra Murray

Founder, Lonnie Makes Scents

"Brandi is helping me start from the ground up.  Brandi is super informative and helpful.  My first meeting we hit the ground running.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with and a resource you must have to start a business!"

Greg McCain

Founder, Good Change Flame

"Appreciative of the service provided in helping me get my business ready for launch. 

Vivian Page

Founder, Love Y Vida

"I have gained some powerful tools from Brandi that have helped me navigate my business strategically."  

"In life, there is no such thing as impossible; it's always possible

Venus Williams

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