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Strategize. Implement. Empower.

Why B.The.Entrepreneur Consulting Agency?

Established to close the educational gap surrounding foundational business principles for minority businesses, B.The.Entrepreneur helps entrepreneurs transition their startup from a vision to a profit generating venture. 


Through our signature 1:1 coaching program, our digital Institute of Entrepreneurship, and an extensive suite of resources, we eliminate the guesswork from the business planning process.  


We do this by delivering direct solutions to conduct target market research, build effective pre-launch marketing campaigns, and establish tactical operations strategies to efficiently and effectively grow your business.


Key activities and success highlights include:

✓ Developed our Business Services training coursework to educate and support minority entrepreneurs through the business start up process.

✓ Established strategic partnerships with local business organizations to secure resources for program participants

✓ Conducts 1:1 business consultations with new entrepreneurs to evaluate startup concepts and draft clear action plans for launch

✓ Guided entrepreneurs through business planning and startup mentorship program to date, 73% of which were first-time entrepreneurs, with 61% realizing profit within first 6 months of program completion

✓ Introduced “How to Start a Business in 30 Days”, the step-by-step, self-paced 8  eBook series to guide new and aspiring entrepreneurs through the business launch process



What’s more important for you and your start up right now? 


You have a specific deadline in place for how soon you would like to start your business


You are looking to start your business within a specific budget

One-On-One Consultations

The virtual personalized  business support that you need to start or grow your business.  As your personal business coach we provide you with the necessary digital products and expertise to start and grow your business in a time efficient manner.  

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B. The Entrepreneur Academy

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B. The Entrepreneur Academy is our 8 course online learning platform that provides One on One expert mentoring in each course as well as a step-by-step online curriculum that guides new and aspiring entrepreneurs through the entrepreneurial start up process.

From idea validation all the way to investor pitching, B. The Entrepreneur Academy to provide the necessary tools for you to start and grow your new business venture within 4 months.   

“Talk It Out” Virtual Chat Show:

“Talk It Out” is B.The.Entrepreneurs LIVE bi-weekly video chat show that covers the real issues plaguing start up entrepreneurs while discussing action based solutions to overcome start up barriers.

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What our clients say.


Calandra Murray

Founder, Lonnie Makes Scents

"Brandi is helping me start from the ground up.  Brandi is super informative and helpful.  My first meeting we hit the ground running.  She is an absolute pleasure to work with and a resource you must have to start a business!"

Shanitta Hines

Founder, Nitta's Puddn

"I just had my initial consultation with Brandi.  She has definitely helped me find my focus with my business and as an entrepreneur.  Very pleasant to speak with and a breath of fresh air with being so knowledgeable about the tools need to advance your brand.

Vivian Page

Founder, Love Y Vida

"I have gained some powerful tools from Brandi that have helped me navigate my business strategically."  

"The first step to starting a business is to start."

Brandi Fox