The Institute of Entrepreneurship

Institute of Entrepreneurship

Our online digital learning institute that includes our  8 session learning curriculum and digital video learning platform. 

How To Start A Business in 30 Days (8 Session Curriculum): 

  1. Learn at your own pace at their own pace with our full 8 week curriculum including  

    • 8 "How to Start a Business in 30 Days" digital fillable workbooks 

    • Digital fillable templates

    • End of lesson comprehensive quizzes and action tasks

    • Support videos for each workbook


Digital Video Learning:


Course Curriculum:

  1. Entrepreneur Evaluation

  2. Business Validation

  3. Competition Analysis

  4. Projections, Forecasts, and Budgeting

  5. Brand awareness and development

  6. Go-To-Market Action List

  7. Business Plan Completion

  8. Pitching for Funding

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