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5 Content Creation Ideas to increase social media engagement

Social media is beginning to take its rightful throne in the world of marketing as for many businesses it’s the key catalyst for brand growth. If done right, it’s domino-effect can create waves of positivity for many businesses to boost brand awareness and increase conversions to improve company profits.

Promoting your brand through social media is therefore vital to businesses, but getting your content on these channels isn’t what gets you the sales. The key to becoming a successful social media user is in the engagement. Follow these top tips for increasing social media engagement below to achieve business growth.

Talk About Your Topic (Not Just Your Brand)

In many new situations when you come into contact with new people it’s important to get talking to them. Obviously creating content and publishing it onto your social feeds is perfect in letting people know what you are about. But, if you don’t have a following, which many new users won’t have, joining groups and creating them will help to get your name about.

Join Question & Answer Sessions

Handing out nuggets of gold to customers is as easy as giving them useful information and answering their queries. Joining Q&A answer sessions is a great way to provide users with value and gets you seen as a helpful brand. If you can offer relevant answers to customer queries and spark discussion with your prospective customers, all before your competitors, you will become the go-to seller.

With consumers becoming more impatient and wanting answers to their queries almost immediately, having a dedicated customer response team is perfect for catering to those needs.

Share Other People’s Content

If someone else can provide better answers to a query, make use of their content. Your customers will see that you are there to give them what they need, whether it comes from yourself or not. If your social media feed can provide them with relevant information, whether it’s yours or not, they will be attracted to your brand and hence will be encouraged to follow you.

Keeping your content diverse (yet relevant) and from different contributors, will keep customers interested. Sometimes hearing the same person talk about the same stuff, day in day out can become a little boring. So get sharing!

Make Your Customers Feel Engaged

Not only should you just share your customer’s posts, but to really make them feel engaged, it’s best to give direct responses to their content. Responding to every customer post that doesn’t just directly address the brand but perhaps mentions it through a specific hashtag is great for ensuring each customer feels like they are valued by the business. Using social media tools to find every user who is posting about the brand is vital to ensure users feel like they are connected to the company or.

Creating a Conversation

Another great tool for getting engagement to not only occur but continue is to create a conversation with customers to get them talking to you. By asking questions about personal experiences the customer has with the goods and services, it can help the brand to obtain customer feedback as well as sparking discussion among users.

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