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B. The Mentor



Effective mentorship is something that can only be provided from experience.  As an entrepreneur with over 11 years of entrepreneurial experience I have had the amazing honor of triumphing over the barriers that many start up entrepreneurs face on a daily basis.  

A mentor is more than just a consultant, a mentor is your business confidante.  The one you contact when your low days are lower than usual, your high days have finally shown themselves, or when you just want to talk about how entrepreneurship has been for you.  Join the BTE Mentor program to get the start up business support that you need to grow!

B. The Mentor is here for you!


Brandi Fox


  • Limited mentoring opportunities available.

    • Due to the intimate nature of mentorship we will only be accepting 15 entrepreneurs at a time into our  B The Mentor program.​

  • Monthly 60 Minute 1-on-1 Sessions

    • ​($87 Value) 

  • FREE access to all BTE Monthly Trainings

    • ($40 Value)​

  • 50% off all digital products

    • ($7-$40 Value)

  • UNLIMITED email access

    • Contact Brandi directly for ongoing guidance in between monthly meetings​


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