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Brandi Fox is now extending her 13 years of entrepreneurship expertise to speaking engagements, by offering engaging start-up trainings that stand out in the industry. By leveraging her extensive personal experience and combining it with current industry statistics, Brandi ensures that her presentations are not only informative, but also highly actionable. Attendees will leave with practical tips and steps they can immediately apply to their aspiring or new business ventures.

Brandi's speaking engagements set a new standard for entrepreneurship public speaking, capturing the audience's attention and leaving a lasting impact. Her expert speaking topics include:

1. Business Funding Preparation
   - Learn the ins and outs of securing funding for your business.
   - Understand the different funding options available and how to tailor your approach.
   - Gain insights into creating compelling pitches that attract investors.

2. How to Secure Corporate Contracts
   - Navigate the complex landscape of corporate partnerships.
   - Discover strategies for identifying and approaching potential corporate clients.
   - Understand the key elements of successful negotiations and contract execution.

3. Business Organizations with Business Plans
   - Explore various business structures and their implications.
   - Develop a solid business plan tailored to your organization's needs.
   - Learn how a well-structured business plan can contribute to long-term success.

4. Start-Up Business Blueprint
   - Receive a step-by-step guide to launching and scaling a successful start-up.
   - Understand the critical components of a business blueprint.
   - Gain insights into overcoming common challenges faced by start-ups.


Brandi Fox brings passion, energy, and a wealth of knowledge to every speaking engagement, ensuring that your audience is not only informed but inspired to take action. Make your event memorable and impactful by inviting Brandi Fox to share her expertise and set the tone for a new era in entrepreneurship.


With over 13 years of entrepreneurial experience and the owner of 7 profitable brands Brandi Fox has grown from dualpreneneur, to full time entrepreneur, to multipreneur, and now serial entrepreneur status.   

Transparency and authenticity is what your audience is looking for when it comes to attending a memorable business event.  As a notable speaker you can expect the speaking content to be...

  • Relatable

    • When your audience can relate to the story of your speaker they are more engaged.​

  • Action Based Information

    • Expect real tips and action based solutions that attendees can apply now to their business model.​

  • Passion

    • ​Story telling is an effective way to share your passion with your audience.  Expect every tip, every story, triumph and failure to come from my love of entrepreneurship and its unique role that it has played in my life. ​


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