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Are you looking for a seasoned, yet relatable entrepreneur to speak at your next event?  Brandi Fox owner of B. The Entrepreneur Consulting Agency is the speaker that you are looking for.


As the author of 8 entrepreneurial digitally fillable eBooks that provide step by step guidance through the business start up process. I not only have the hands on experience of entrepreneurship, but also the business knowledge to equip your attendees with applicable business GEMS that they can immediately apply to their business.


With over 11 years of entrepreneurial experience and the owner of 4 profitable brands I've grown from dualpreneneur, to full time entrepreneur, to multipreneur, and now serial entrepreneur status.   

Transparency and authenticity is what your audience is looking for when it comes to attending a memorable business event.  As a notable speaker you can expect the speaking content to be...

  • Relatable

    • When your audience can relate to the story of your speaker they are more engaged.​

  • Action Based Information

    • Expect real tips and action based solutions that attendees can apply now to their business model.​

  • Passion

    • ​Story telling is an effective way to share your passion with your audience.  Expect every tip, every story, triumph and failure to come from my love of entrepreneurship and its unique role that it has played in my life. ​


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